Sponsor a Live Music Event!

We’re now accepting sponsoring of Live Music Events on our Live Music Calendars!

Sponsored Events will be seen by thousands of Live Music Fans looking for live music locally.  Each one will be highlighted on one of our Calendars and linked to an individual Event Page, and we’ll even list them the week before on our Facebook page.

Unlike website banner ads, Sponsored Events cannot be filtered out by Ad-Blockers!  They’re great for promoting a CD Release party, a Festival or Block Party, band reunion, or whatever.

Who can Sponsor an Event?  Venues, bands, or anyone wishing to get publicity for the Event and help make it a success!

What will the Event Page contain?  The time, date, cover charge or ticket price, a map and the type of music, plus a link to the event website or Facebook and some more information that you send us.  We’ll use one of our band pics, or you can send us a better one or maybe one of the venue, etc.

How long will the Sponsored Event be displayed?  From 30 days before the Event to midnight of the event day.

Interested?  Contact us: john@localmusicfinders.com or call 561-316-6854