Casey Raines Band

Casey Raines Band

The Casey Raines Band is a Jupiter based Rock-N-Country band that plays mostly Top 40 Country music.

Band members: Casey Raines – Vocals

Michael Iovine – Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Sandy Winnerman – Bass

Joe Martin – Vocals

Joe Battista – Drums


Check out Casey Raines Band‘s website!  Or their Facebook page!

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3 Responses to Casey Raines Band

  • Love this band, sound awesome. Love dancing to their music. They are entertaining as they will sing and dance with us on the dance floor, while playing. Fun , enjoyable, entertaining, personable.

  • They are awesome and very entertaining!! A must see!!

  • Hi.We are country music fans,n we are followers of our favorite bands.We are also regular snowbirds from PA.,as we go south for our winters. We spend times in Daytona, on E/coast,central, W/coast, n southern Everglades, KeyWest, etc.We would love to HB able to receive your schedule of events. Thank-you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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