56 Ace

56 Ace

56 Ace is a Palm Beach County Rock/Country band formed in 2014.

Band members: Matt Louis – Vocals

Anthony Capp – Lead Guitar

Rob Knopick – Guitar, Vocals

Steve Manos – Drums

Jimmy Murphy – Bass


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  • 56 Ace is my favorite local band. I have been listing to them since I moved to South Florids 4 years ago. It has been amazing watching them grow as a band. But also to see them grow as individual artists. They have widened their music jondur. Matt’s (lead singer) voice has really strengthened and his vocal range has really increased. Anthony (lead guitarist) is awesome. His talent and commitment as a guitarist is off the charts. He is incredible to watch. Snd he has s great voice as well. 56 Ace puts on a great show everytime they perform. They put 110% in each and every show. Besides that they are nice guys. Very humble and good to their fans. Class act@

  • Love this band..alot of fun and energy!

  • One of the best bands around

  • I had a blast with this band. Great music , also good entertainers.

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